Monday, 11 July 2011

Get On The Quant Wavelength...(Part 1)


'People tend to think that i design rather tough clothes, but nothing could actually be farther from the truth. Naturally, within the Ginger Group range i feature trousers and trouser-suits, but a large proportion of the Collection is always strictly "pretty".'                                  

                        Left: Long-line apricot dress,ruffled in white, called Marshmallow 9 ½ gns.  
                  Right: Drawstring-tied blouson,primly collared and cuffed,called Snowball, 9½ gns.                                              

Left: Puritanical smock-dress (worn back to front for this photo shoot), called Porridge, 7½ gns. Middle: Lilac and white dress, narrowly-bowed in white, called Darling, 9½ gns. Right: Straight-laced look, feminine-frilled, called Carruthers, 9½ gns. (note..all the dresses featured are made in an open-weave rayon fabric.) Accessories: White crêpey stockings by Mary Quant for The Nylon Hosiery Company, 6s. 
                                                                         IMAGE CREDITS
                                                         All images by Sweet Jane from Honey Magazine.

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  1. Oh les swoon! Serious hair envy here too. xxx


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